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Elstree Studios
3mm Self Smoothing Coloured Epoxy Resin

Elstree Studios in London, where many of the original Star Wars and Indiana Jones scenes were filmed, and also home of East Enders and Big Brother, required a pure white resin floor for one of the sets of a new movie being filmed there.


Devil's Playground, starring Danny Dyer, had many scenes that needed to be shot in both hospital and laboratory environments. A temporary timber structure was built in studio 5 for the floor and walls. GSS then treated the timber with a two component epoxy primer. All the screw heads holding the boards in place and joints were then filled with a fast curing resin.


A white, water based, vertical grade epoxy coating was applied to all the interior walls and a white 3mm self-smoothing epoxy resin was laid onto the floors.


Lighting, props and equipment were brought in and filming began!

Resin System
3mm Self Smoothing Coloured Epoxy Resin
Elstree Studios

3mm Self Smoothing Coloured Epoxy Resin