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Hotel Du Vin
9mm Polyurethane Screed

At the Hotel De Vin in Winchester, the current vinyl floor finish in the kitchens had begun to lift and becoming hazardous for the staff. GSS specified a more durable 9mm polyurethane screed throughout with the addition of a 100mm high cove detail.


The hotel could only close for a maximum of three days so work was carried continuously , day and night to remove all the old failing vinyl coverings, adhesive and latex. This exposed ceramic tiles of which many had become debonded from the concrete below. These had to be removed and repaired with fast curing epoxy mortar.

Stainless steel trims were fixed to the perimeter walls and a 100mm high resin cove detail was formed.

A specialised epoxy primer for tiled surfaces was then applied to the floor area prior to the durable 9mm polyurethane floor screed.

After three long days and nights, the hotel reopened for business again.

Resin System
9mm Polyurethane Screed
Hotel Du Vin
Winchester, Hampshire
3 Days