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Cementitious Modified Coloured Levelling Screed

As an Edwardian building, the Levi’s store on London’s Regent Street needed special attention, having seen numerous floor finishes laid on top of each other over decades of occupants and usages.


Removing these left behind a damaged substrate. We rectified this by using epoxy resins and mortar to create a solid and even substrate. All expansion joints within the substrate were reinstated and filled with a flexible polysulphide filler.


30mm of Remmers coloured modified cementitious pump screed was then applied to the total area. The resulting effect offered the feel of a sleek, industrial factory, with the addition of aesthetically pleasing colour and warmth.

Resin System

Cementitious Modified Coloured Levelling Screed

Regent Street, London
600 m2 - Levi's Store
6 days