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Rutherford Appleton Laboratories

Epoxy Coating.
The Rutherford Appleton Science Laboratory in Oxford required a colour-coded secured store area for sensitive equipment, that was also damp-proof, after a high moisture content was registered in the floor's power floated concrete finish.


A damp-proof epoxy surface membrane was applied with a roller and brush before being covered with two coats of Altrotect two-component epoxy high-build coating. Next, two layers of grey resin were added. Twenty four hours later, coloured areas and boxes were applied. Once these had cured, yellow line markings were administered to separate them.


Finally, expansion joints were cut back through the cured resin and filled with a flexible polysulphide filler.

Resin System
Epoxy Coating.

Rutherford Appleton Laboratories

120 m2 - Laboratory
4 days