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SMS Technology

Anti-Static Self-Smoothing Epoxy Resin Floor System

We installed Sikafloor 262AS at this electronics assembly plant in Nottingham. Sikafloor is a three-component, self-smoothing anti-static epoxy.

We began by removing existing vinyl tiles and mechanically eliminating layers of old latex and adhesive.

A 3mm application Skiafloor 262AS was then applied on to a layer of Sikafloor 220w conductive resin coating. This in turn was laid on to an application of Sikafloor 156 two-component epoxy primer. Earthing points and copper tape were installed between the resin applications to aid the removal of static charge to earth. All expansion joints within the substrate were then reinstated and filled with a flexible polysulphide filler.

Resin System

Anti-Static Self-Smoothing Epoxy Resin Floor System

SMS Technology
1500 m2 - Factory
8 days