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Concrete Polishing

An environmentally-friendly alternative for commercial & industrial flooring.

Concrete Polishing, or "Superfloor" as it is sometimes referred to, is the name given to a concrete floor that has received a special diamond grinding treatment. If you have a concrete floor it too can become a Superfloor.

GSS provides the required diamond grinding treatment which offers so many benefits as an alternative finish to traditional resin options.


Despite it's beautiful gleaming appearance, Polished Concrete or Superfloor is an anti-slip surface even when wet. Also, tests have shown the resistance of Superfloor complies with the SS-EN 61340-5-1 standard. It also complies with international IEC and American ANSI/EDS standards too.

Cost Effective

Compared with alternatives like epoxy paints and normal concrete floors, Polished Concrete offers unbeatable durability. Whilst the up front cost maybe the same or lower than alternative solutions, the low maintenance cost and durability of Superfloor makes it approximately 60% cheaper than other floor finishes.

Eco Friendly

Concrete itself is a product made of pure natural material. A Superfloor uses up to 30 times less energy than alternative coating based solutions. Also the maintenance of a Superfloor is incredibly eco-friendly as it relies purely on a specialist cleaning tool with water alone.

Easy to clean

Polished Concrete or Superfloor is remarkably easy to clean and maintain. It is not susceptible to markings like truck marks, so it's immaculate appearance is very hard to taint. Cleaning requires only specialist tools and water.

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