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Commercial and retail industries often choose more decorative finishes for their public areas. Multiple layered and decorative epoxy floor systems are available in many different colours, textures and finishes weather you prefer a slightly textured, multicoloured resin flake design or a coloured aggregated design in either a gloss or matt finish. These products are generally medium to heavy duty due to the various layers of resins, flakes, aggregates and sealers used to make up the finished look you require.

Used in showrooms, receptions, commercial outlets and many other areas where a “Wow Factor” along with increased durability is required. Corporate Logos can be designed, made and incorporated within the resin floor sandwiched between the clear resin sealers. GSS have recently completed projects for Levis, Nike, H&M and Camden Market.

Polished concrete is becoming more and more popular in commercial and retail areas too.
Using the latest HTC equipment, GSS have polished existing substrates for Hilden Water, Hanson Ply, Tops Tiles, and Ready Steady Store. We have also installed and polished specialised coloured Concrete for Bishop’s Printers, Cotswolds Stores and Jamie Oliver’s new chain of Italian restaurants.

Food & Beverage

With health and hygiene always a main concern within the food and beverage industries, resin flooring is becoming a much preferred flooring solution over vinyl and tiled finishes. 6-9mm Polyurethane floor screeds combine great durability with abrasion resistance and rapid curing products keeping installation times to a minimum. All screeds meet the requirements of the European Directive on the Hygiene of Foodstuffs (94/43/EFC) and are suitable for use in food preparation areas. 3-6mm medium duty flow applied resin screeds are often used for dry food process areas.

Epoxy Quartz screeds are also used as a more decorative alternative to the polyurethanes and again offer good abrasion resistance and slip resistance.

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

GSS have been working closely with many Healthcare companies to provide the best floor finishes for the many different usages within this industry. From ant-static flow applied epoxy systems throughout the laboratories in Abbott Diabetes UK, specialised category 1 level screeds in Rutherford Appleton Laboratories to high-build flexible epoxy systems for Estee Lauder.

There have been many different requirements depending on the different areas of manufacturing ranging from heavy duty polyurethane floor screeds in wash-down areas to epoxy quartz screeds and slip resistant, ant-static epoxy coatings in manufacturing areas.

Hospitals have a range of different resin floor finishes from 9mm polyurethane floor screeds in their kitchen and wash areas to chemical resistant and antistatic resin systems in specialised areas such as laboratories and theatres. GSS have installed all of these for various NHS Trusts in Winchester, Southampton, Oxford, Hitchenbrook and London.

The manufacturing industry has a varied and diverse requirement for resin flooring. Depending on the products being made, a wide range of different floor finishes may be required. Heavy manufacturers such as steel and engineering companies, may require more durable resin screeds or even cement-based screeds, whereas manufactures of smaller, lighter items may only require self-smoothing resins, or even roller applied coatings. Specialist manufacturing of electrical or automotive goods may have the need for ESD or conductive resin flooring and food manufacturing/processing often require chemical resistant resin systems.

Whatever the requirement, GSS Flooring have been installing both epoxy and polyurethane resin systems for the manufacturing industry throughout the country for 30 years, supplying and installing the correct floor specification for companies such as IBM, British Airways, Mars, Honda, Siemens, British Steel and Network Rail.


GSS have many years experience in providing the right floor finish for the right environment and have installed various epoxy and polyurethane resin systems in numerous work and body shops for the automotive industry including Honda, Toyota, Mercedes, BMW Formula 1 and Jordon Formula 1and Auto Planet.

For all these customers, the requirement was to have slip-resistant resin flooring installed on either newly laid concrete or older substrate once we had removed previous floor finishes such as tiles and old resin floor finishes. The specifications varied depending on the area use, ranging from 9mm polyurethane floor screeds for heavy and highly trafficked areas to high-build coatings for lighter trafficked areas. In all cases, there was a need for a highly chemical resistant finish to guard against potential spillages of automotive related products.


GSS have been called upon to install a wide range of both epoxy and polyurethane floor finish within the Aerospace Industry. None more so than by Vector and Sigma Aerospace in Croydon and Gosport.

As part of an ongoing refurbishment contract, we have already installed over 5000m² of self-smoothing, polyurethane slip-resistant screed with additional coloured walkways and line markings.

We have installed decorative resin and flake systems into the retail areas in Manchester Airport and carried out various terrazzo repairs and diamond polishing in both Glasgow and Edinburgh Airports.

Warehouse & Distribution

Large warehouses and distribution units often change hands due to expansion and change of use, frequently leaving the floors in damaged with uneven and pitted surfaces. With our modern and extensive range of concrete preparation machinery, we can quickly remove old and failing surfaces and prepare substrate ready to receive new finishes.

Modified cementitious pump applied screeds are often used due to their quick installation and drying times. They can be applied from 7-50mm to very level tolerances achieving great strength even at the minimal depths allowing heavy forklift and vehicular traffic within hours instead of days and weeks unlike conventional concrete.

Epoxy coatings are also used for less trafficked areas and are available in a wide range of coloured finishes with either a smooth or textured finish for increased slip-resistance.

Electronics / Anti-static

Many manufacturers of electrical goods and components have the requirement for anti-static and dissipative resin floor finishes. These are available as a two or three component, solvent free, coloured, electrostatically conductive resin floor system generally installed between 1-3mm. The epoxy resin primers and levelling layers are carbon based to ensure a highly conductive system.

The same epoxy levelling systems are also available as a non-antistatic finish for less critical

GSS have successfully installed such floors for Southampton University, Siemens and in specialised virtual television studios for Eurosport


Resin floors are a key part of many of the leisure industries facilities. Anti-slip epoxy quartz screeds and broadcast systems are often found around swimming pool areas and other potential wet areas. Newly designed polyurethane comfort floors are used in dance studios as well as reception lobbies, restaurants and canteens. The flexible brightly coloured floors are both abrasive resistant and have excellent UV stability. This combined with its underlying rubber crumb base, the floors seamless elastomeric qualities are extremely comfortable under foot.




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