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Winchester Fire Station

Skiafloor 264 Thixo - Slip Resistant Epoxy Coating

Winchester Fire Department recently moved into their new purpose built fire station. It was built to house their five fire engines and the original specification when finished, was a standard floor paint throughout. Within a short period of time, cracking had occurred in various places in the substrate and the coating proved to be inadequate for the 13 tonne engines and also had very little slip resistance.


GSS Flooring were asked to specify and install a new resin system that would not only be more durable but would give more slip resistance under foot and for the five fire engines driving in and out daily.


The old coating was mechanically removed using remote control, quad headed rotary diamond grinders. The cracks and perimeter joints were repaired with Sikafloor 280 epoxy mortar and Sikafloor 161 epoxy primer was then applied prior to one coat of Sikafloor 264 epoxy coating. The final coat was Sikafloor 264 Thixo, a two component, high build epoxy coloured coating. The resin is textured whilst wet to give added durability and slip resistance.


All perimeter expansion joints were reinstated and filled with Sikaflex polyurethane sealant.


Work was carried out and completed in 5 days.

Resin System

Skiafloor 264 Thixo - Slip Resistant Epoxy Coating

Winchester Fire Station
5 Days