Commercial Flooring

Commercial and retail industries often choose more decorative finishes for their public areas. Multiple layered and decorative epoxy floor systems are available in many different colours, textures and finishes weather you prefer a slightly textured, multicoloured resin flake design or a coloured aggregated design in either a gloss or matt finish. These products are generally medium to heavy duty due to the various layers of resins, flakes, aggregates and sealers used to make up the finished look you require.

Used in showrooms, receptions, commercial outlets and many other areas where a “Wow Factor” along with increased durability is required. Corporate Logos can be designed, made and incorporated within the resin floor sandwiched between the clear resin sealers. GSS have recently completed projects for Levis, Nike, H&M and Camden Market.

Polished concrete is becoming more and more popular in commercial and retail areas too.

Using the latest HTC equipment, GSS have polished existing substrates for Hilden Water, Hanson Ply, Tops Tiles, and Ready Steady Store. We have also installed and polished specialised coloured Concrete for Bishop’s Printers, Cotswolds Stores and Jamie Oliver’s new chain of Italian restaurants.