Three Component Self-Smoothing Coloured Epoxy Resin

Project Description

OGM Ltd, an Injection Molding Manufacturer based in Oxford, were moving to larger newer premises. Previous occupiers had left the factory floor in very poor condition. Lorry mounted vacuum enclosed blasting equipment was used to remove all previous applications and prepare the substrate.

Once completed, two applications of a moisture tolerant epoxy primer were used to seal the newly prepared substrate, prior to the application of a 3mm, trowel applied, self-smoothing epoxy resin.

Slip-resistant, coloured walkways were applied over the top of the resin as required and all existing expansion joints were then reinstated with a flexible, polysulphide joint compound.

Project Details

Resin System Three Component Self-Smoothing Coloured Epoxy Resin
Client OGM Ltd
Location Oxford
Area 2500m²
Installation 8 days

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