Notting Hill Car Park

Modified Pump-applied Cement Based Levelling Screed

Project Description

The unsatisfactory flooring in this underground car park to a series of recently renovated boutiques and luxury apartments in Notting Hill needed to match the high standards of the rest of the building.

We began by mechanically preparing and priming the substrate, prior to the application by pump of a 10mm modified, fast-curing, cement based levelling screed. Once cured, the surface was then sealed with two applications of a two-componenet chemical resistant epoxy sealer.

Line markings and numbers were applied to each car parking bay along with an anti-slip topping on the entrance ramp and hazard lines along the pedestrian exit.

Project Details

Resin System Modified Pump-applied Cement Based Levelling Screed
Client Notting Hill Car Park
Location Notting Hill
Area 440m2 – Car Park
Installation 6 days

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