Cement Based Pumable Floor Screed

Project Description

The substrate in the new distribution warehouse of uniform company Skoolkit was in bad condition. Sporadic oil contamination and various degrees of surface wear had left it in need of extensive repair.

Primarily, the substrate was shot blasted to remove old coatings. Next, fast-curing epoxy mortar was used to repair holes and damaged concrete.

The floor was then prepared with a two-component epoxy primer, and Altro’s OCS oil capping primer. A 12mm application of Maxit Webber 4655 modified cementitious levelling screed was then applied by pump to all areas. The cured, cement-based levelling compound was then re-primed with epoxy, before a final application of a 3mm three component polyurethane self-smoothing resin was laid over the top. Finally, all expansion joints were reinstated back through the cured resin and filled with a flexible joint compound.

Project Details

Resin System Cement Based Pumable Floor Screed
Client Skoolkit
Location Eastleigh, Hampshire
Area 850m2 – Shop
Installation 8 days

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