Sky at the O2 Arena

Multi-layer Decorative Epoxy Screed

Project Description

GSS were asked to design and install a new bespoke resin floor for SKY’s new state of the art 3D viewing gallery at the O2 Arena in London. It had to be very light in appearance to emphasise the hi-tech lighting system and numerous large 3D screens throughout the gallery. It also had to be slip resistant and yet easily cleaned as over one thousand people a day would be passing through.

The existing floor and stair cases were mechanically prepared and primed with a white epoxy primer followed by a 2mm application of a white self smoothing epoxy levelling screed. Whilst this layer was wet, a decorative white flake was broadcast over the resin. Small amounts of different sized grey flakes where then scattered over the white.

Three applications of UV stable clear epoxy resin were then applied over the flakes, the final coat incorporated with a micro polymer bead to aid slip resistance resulting in a very durable, light reflective decorative floor finish.

Project Details

Resin System Multi-layer Decorative Epoxy Screed
Client Sky at the O2
Location The O2 Arena, London
Area 580m²
Installation 6 days

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