Warner Brothers Studios

High-Build Epoxy Coatings

Project Description

Warner Brothers Film Studios in Leavesdon, Hertfordshire needed a makeover.

The multifunction areas surrounding the vast studios required new, safer pedestrian walkways and traffic routes.

The worn-out paint was removed from the concrete substrate using the latest HTC floor preparation equipment. Extensive repairs were carried out to the many cracked and broken expansion joints using a high-strength resin screed. Epoxy primers were applied to the total area prior to blue and grey high-build epoxy coatings.

Walking man logos were added to the walkways and zebra crossings applied in various areas.

Finally, a clear, slip resistant polyurethane seal coat was applied to the entire area and the repaired expansion joints reinstalled to help prevent future cracking.

Project Details

Resin System High-Build Epoxy Coatings
Client Warner Brothers Studios
Location Leavesdon, London
Area 3300m²
Installation 9 days

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