Busaba Earthai Restaurant

3mm Seamless Resin Self Smoothing Screed

Project Description

The Busaba Earthai chain opened two further restaurants in London late last year. GSS were asked to specify a single colour seamless resin floor finish that was smooth, hard wearing and slip resistant for both the new restaurants in Westfield, Stratford and The King’s Road Chelsea.

A new cement based subfloor was installed ranging from 40-400mm to overcome the varying height discrepancies in the existing old floor finish. This was then primed with a two component epoxy resin prior to the application of a 3mm, three component self smoothing epoxy resin was installed. A further application of a UV stable polyurethane seal coat was applied over the resin incorporating a fine polymer bead to aid abrasion and slip resistance.

A more enhance slip resistant finish was installed in the busy kitchen areas with the addition of a 100mm radial cove around the perimeter.

Project Details

Resin System 3mm Seamless Resin Self Smoothing Screed
Client Busaba Earthai Restaurant
Location Westfield, London
Area 380m2
Installation 6 days

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