Covington Aircraft

3mm Epoxy Screed with Chemical and Slip Resistant Seal Coat

Project Description

Covington Aircraft, world leaders in aircraft engine maintenance and repair, recently opened a new facility in Dorset. They required a new resin floor system that would have a very smooth finish to enable easy manoeuvring for the large engines whilst being worked on. It also needed to be chemical resistant and slip-resistant. 

GSS removed the old coatings from the concrete substrate using large, quad bladed, vacuum-assisted diamond grinders. There were signs of oil contamination within the substrate so to overcome this, two coats of an oil tolerant epoxy primer were installed prior to a nominal 3mm application of a flexible, self-smoothing epoxy screed.

This was then sealed with a very durable, UV-stable, chemical and slip-resistant seal coat.

All expansion joints were then cut back through the cured resins and filled with a flexible polysulphide. 

Project Details

Resin System 3mm Epoxy Screed with Chemical and Slip Resistant Seal Coat
Client Covington Aircraft
Location Dorset
Area 320m²
Installation 3 days

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