Elliott Group

Sikafloor 264 – Two Component Coloured Epoxy Coating

Project Description

Elliott Group, one of the world’s leaders in the design and build of compressors and turbines were moving to prestigious new premises in Aldermaston. The new power floated concrete substrate needed a hard wearing, chemical resistant and slip resistant finish to cope with the varying procedures of manufacturing in the new factory and warehouse. The substrate was mechanically prepared using our newest fleet of HTC diamond bladed floor grinders to ensure the best bonding key was achieved.

As the premises were brand new, there was still a high moisture content in the concrete substrate. To overcome this, the surface was treated with an epoxy resin damp-proof membrane. Once cured, two applications of Sikafloor 264, coloured epoxy coating were installed. Contrasting coloured walkways were applied over the top of the resin. These were incorporated with a fine quartz aggregate to achieve a slip resistant finish. All existing expansion joints were then cut back through the coloured coatings and reinstated with a polysulphide joint compound.

Project Details

Resin System Skiafloor 264 – Two Component Coloured Epoxy Coating
Client Elliott Group
Location Aldermaston
Area 3500m²
Installation 9 days

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