GEA Searle

4mm Polyurethane, Self-Smoothing Screed

Project Description

GEA Searle in Hampshire, wanted to upgrade a section of their production warehouse to manufacture their air- cooled condensers, air handling and dry cooling units. GSS mechanically removed all the old worn and failing floor coatings using vacuum assisted, remote control, diamond head floor grinders. The exposed substrate was badly contaminated with oils and grease from years of engineering and manufacturing. To combat this, two applications of a specialised, oil-capping epoxy primer was applied to the total area.

This was followed by the application of a heavy-duty, 4mm self-smoothing, polyurethane floor screed. Once cured, two coats of a chemical resistant seal coat were applied in five separate colours to different areas, highlighting the different stages of GEA’s manufacturing process.

All existing expansion joints within the concrete substrate were cut back through the cured resins and filled with a flexible, two-part polysulphide. Each joint was filled with same coloured resin as the surround floor area.

This heavy-duty resin screed system is often installed with a six-year warranty and is suitable for most manufacturing, engineering, commercial and industrial environments, offering superb durability, chemical and abrasion resistance.

Project Details

Resin System 4mm Polyurethane, Self-Smoothing Screed
Client GEA Searle
Location Hampshire
Area 2200m2 – Production Warehouse
Installation 9 days

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