Haynes Ford

Heavy Duty Polyurethane Resin Screed

Project Description

Haynes Ford in Maidstone, Kent needed their vehicle workshop floor refurbished. The existing painted floor had become badly worn and the substrate had server oil contamination.

GSS removed all the old coating using the latest, quad head, diamond floor grinders. Two applications of an epoxy, oil-capping primer were used prior to two different resin systems being installed.

The first was a 4mm, self-smoothing epoxy screed, with a chemical and slip resistant seal coat finished in light grey. This was applied to all the vehicle work bays and under all the vehicle ramps. The second was a more slip resistant, bonded resin system. A 2-3mm, quartz aggregate was broadcast onto a 3mm polyurethane screed which was used to create the central roadway through the workshop. Once this had cured, the bonded aggregates were sealed with two applications of a dark grey, epoxy coating.

The expansion joints were recut back through the resins and filled with a flexible polysulphide joint filler and yellow line markings were applied either side of the central roadway.

This specification is an excellent finish for all areas and industries where vehicular traffic is used both internally and externally. The slip resistance can be increased or decreased by adjusting the size of the aggregates used.

Project Details

Resin System Heavy Duty Polyurethane Resin Screed
Client Haynes Ford
Location Kent
Area 480m2 – Vehicle Workshop
Installation 5 days

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