Haywards Farmshop

Heavy Duty Polyurethane Resin Screed with Radial Coving

Project Description

Haywards Farm Shop in Tonbridge, Kent, recently extended their production and preparation facilities to their very busy, family-owned butchers and retail shop. The large, five roomed area had to have a very durable, food-grade resin finish, with 100mm high resin cove detail to all areas.

The substrate was mechanically prepared using vacuum- assisted diamond-bladed floor grinders. Additional grinding was carried out to create gradual falls to the gully drains prior to the application of a damp-proof membrane epoxy primer.

Stainless steel trims were adhered to all the perimeter walls, 100mm high and 9mm high angled stop trims adhered to the floor 50mm out from the walls. A radial cove detail was then formed between the trims using a polyurethane resin mortar and sealed with a clear polyurethane resin to aid cleaning.

Each area of floor was then finished with a 10mm, three- component, polyurethane resin screed in three different colours, depending on the usage of the area. The butchery rooms were finished in red, with the fruit and veg areas, preparation and storage areas finished in yellow or grey.

This solvent and taint-free resin system is ideal for the food industry and most other areas requiring a fast curing, heavy- duty, slip and chemical resistant finish. It can be applied between 6 – 9mm thick and can be steam cleaned at the thicker depth. In most cases, this system is installed with a 6 – 10 year warranty.

Project Details

Resin System Heavy Duty Polyurethane Resin Screed with Radial Coving
Client Haywards Farmshop
Location Tonbridge, Kent
Area 320m2 – Production Facility
Installation 6 days

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