Horizon Honda

Epoxy Coating

Project Description

At Horizon Honda in Bournemouth, high moisture readings in the new concrete substrate needed addressing when a new floor was installed.

We began by mechanically removing old painted floor coatings using diamond-bladed rotary floor grinders. A two component epoxy damp-proof membrane was then applied to ensure that the resin coatings to follow would not blister and de-laminate due to moisture. Once the membrane had cured, two coats of high-build epoxy were added. A fine quartz aggregate was incorporated into the resin to achieve a slip-resistant finish. Finally, pre-cut expansion joints were filled with flexible polysulphide to allow independent movement between floor slabs.

Project Details

Resin System Epoxy Coating
Client Horizon Honda
Location Bournemouth, Dorset
Area 280m2 – Factory
Installation 4 days

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