JP Morgan Chase Bank

Anti-Static Epoxy Resin Flooring System

Project Description

GSS were asked to install a complicated ant-static, resin floor system, into the new highly sensitive server rooms for JP Morgan Chase Bank. Before this could be achieved, two applications of modified cement-based levelling screed had to be pumped into the area, laser levelled and finished to a category 1 level finish.

Once this had been completed, the subfloor had to be prepared and insulated with an epoxy primer.

A complex copper earthing grid was then installed over the primed surface, linked to chemically fixed earthing points periodically positioned every 50m². This was followed by the application of Sikafloor 220W, conductive epoxy primer.

Sikafloor 262AS, electrostatically conductive, self-smoothing epoxy resin was then applied over the copper grid and conductive primer, to achieve a very durable and level ESD
floor finish.

Project Details

Resin System Anti-Static Epoxy Resin Flooring System
Client JP Morgan Chase Bank
Location Hampshire
Area 2800m²
Installation Phased over two months

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