Network Rail

Three component epoxy screed

Project Description

During Network Rail’s extensive and ongoing electrical upgrade program, GSS Flooring were asked to provide a solution to improve the very old, uneven and sometimes damaged floors in their substations situated along many miles of rail tracks throughout the South-East.

As old electrical equipment and breakers are removed, each floor has to be renovated and levelled to a very precise tolerance in order to receive the highly advanced new equipment providing power to the network of trains as they pass each substation.

Using laser levelling equipment, a framework is set out following the footprint of the new equipment.

The new subfloor is then formed within this framework using a three component, high strength epoxy screed which is finished by hand to create a very smooth and level impervious surface.

The framework is then removed prior to the application of a preformed, 3mm insulation layer, which the new equipment is then fixed to. The equipment has internal breakers, which on occasions need to be pulled outwards from their cabinets for maintenance work. The same epoxy screed is used to create a further plinth the same height as the insulation layer and continuing at a precise height 1200mm away from the cabinets and running the length of the new equipment. To avoid a trip hazard, the new level floor area is then gradually ramped down to finish flush with the existing substrate.

With over 100 substations and TP Huts completed, GSS Flooring continue to work with Network Rail’s leading contractors to provide an ongoing service for existing and future projects.

Project Details

Resin System Three component epoxy screed
Client Network Rail
Location South-East England
Area 8m² – 28m²

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