Oxford Hospital

New Bunded Area + 9mm Polyurethane Floor Screed

Project Description

Oxford Hospital needed a new flooring system for the dishwasher areas in their main kitchen, after spillages and leaks caused the existing vinyl floor to lift and fail.

We removed the floor covering and mechanically prepared the substrate which eliminated the remaining latex and adhesive.

A new bund was then fixed to the floor around the dishwasher to capture any future spillages or leaks. This was waterproofed with epoxy screed, and the floor within the bund sealed and coated with a chemical resistant epoxy resin. Finally, the remaining floor area was epoxy primed prior to the application of a 9mm polyurethane screed.

Project Details

Resin System New Bunded Area + 9mm Polyurethane Floor Screed
Client Oxford Hospital
Location Oxford
Area 280m2 – Dishwasher area for main kitchen
Installation 4 days

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