Portsmouth Aviation

Heavy Duty Polyurethane Resin Screed with Chemical Resistant Seal Coats

Project Description

Portsmouth Aviation needed to replace their worn and failing floor in their chemical treatment room. They required a very robust and chemical resistant flooring solution to withstand the constant high volume of use and chemicals used during their manufacturing process.

The old tiles were removed, and the concrete substrate mechanically prepared using diamond grinding technology.

The exposed substrate was so uneven, a 15mm, modified cement-based levelling screed was needed, prior to any resin floor installation. Once the substrate had been levelled, the screed was primed with an epoxy DPM primer and 1 4mm, self-smoothing polyurethane resin screed was then laid over the entire area. This was then sealed with two applications of a chemical resistant resin seal coat and blue walkways with white line markings were then applied over the top.

This hard-wearing, polyurethane floor specification is ideal for heavy use areas and is often installed in manufacturing plants, warehouses, aerospace, and the food industry.

Project Details

Resin System Heavy Duty Polyurethane Resin Screed with Chemical Resistant Seal Coats
Client Portsmouth Aviation
Location Portsmouth
Area 420m2 – Chemical Treatment Room
Installation 7 days

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