Anti-Static – Three Component Self Smoothing Epoxy Resin

Project Description

SSTL (Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd) moved into their new purpose built technology facility in July 2011. GSS installed the advanced anti-static epoxy resin system throughout the laboratories.

As the premises were brand new, there was still a high moisture content in the concrete substrate. To overcome this, the surface was treated with an epoxy resin damp-proof membrane. Once cured, carbon rich epoxy primers were laid. Copper taping was fixed to the surface to help carry any static charge to predetermined earthing points. Over this, a 2mm carbon filled, self smoothing coloured epoxy resin was installed.

All existing expansion joints were then cut back through the coloured coatings and reinstated with a polysulphide joint compound.

Project Details

Resin System Anti-Static – Three Component Self Smoothing Epoxy Resin
Client SSTL
Location Guildford
Area 930m²
Installation 8 days

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