University College London

4mm Self-Smoothing, Polyurethane Screed

Project Description

UCL London at Here East asked GSS Flooring to specify and install a new resin floor system to replace their existing floor finish. The Faculty of Engineering Sciences required a heavy-duty resin floor that would be non-slip, yet easy to clean. Most importantly, the surface had to be smooth and flat enough for their high-tech air skates (Air Bearing Modules) to glide a few millimetres above the floor surface, moving heavy equipment and machinery around the facility.

The old resin floor was removed using our remote control, diamond bladed floor grinders prior to the area being primed with an epoxy primer. A 4mm, self-smoothing polyurethane, resin screed was then installed to the total 3000m2 and then sealed with a colour, polyurethane seal coat.

All expansion joints were reinstated back through the cured resins and a final seal coat application applied.

Project Details

Resin System 4mm Self-Smoothing, Polyurethane Screed
Client UCL
Location Stratford, London
Area 3000m2 – Faculty of Engineering Sciences
Installation 14 days

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