Vector Aerospace

4mm Polyurethane Self-smoothing Coloured Resin

Project Description

We put together a specification for the flooring requirements of this large workshop specialising in aircraft engine overhaul. The finished floor had to be flat and smooth to aid FOD policies, and also slip-resistant with coloured safety markings.

Years of old floor coatings were mechnically removed and numerous substrate repairs carried out. The floor was then double primed with an epoxy surface membrane to correct raised moisture readings. A 4mm polyurethane, self-smoothing coloured resin was applied throughout. All expansion joints were then reinstated, and the coloured lines indicating safety walkways and zones applied.

Project Details

Resin System 4mm Polyurethane Self-smoothing Coloured Resin
Client Vector Aerospace
Location Gosport, Portsmouth
Area 3500m² – Helicopter Workshop
Installation 9 days

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