The Witney Cake Company

9mm Polyurethane Screed

Project Description

The Witney Cake Company required a new flooring system at their factory, which was suffering from a badly water damaged and eroded substrate in its wash down area.

We began by mechanically eliminating any remaining resin, and removing the factory’s old drainage system.

A new Aceo system was then installed. Curb stones were put in place to keep spillages contained, and an underlayment was set to falls to ensure all liquids would run towards the drain. A 9mm polyurethane floor screed with 100mm resin cove detail was then layered on top of the underlayment. Finally, a concrete ramp was cut out of an existing plinth to enable trolleys to be pushed up into the new wash area. The perimeter was rendered and coved with epoxy resin.

Project Details

Resin System 9mm Polyurethane Screed
Client The Witney Cake Company
Location Witney, Oxford
Area 45m2 – Kitchen
Installation 4 days

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