GSS were asked to install a complete resin floor finish in a new prestigious triple garage in Basingstoke. 

Working around the large bespoke electric garage doors, which opened internally on three sides, diamond floor grinders were used to prepare the substrate before the application of an epoxy DPM primer to overcome the issue of construction moisture still within the substrate. 

Taking great care and keeping in mind the unique steel runners for the garage doors, which had been installed 3mm above the current floor height, a 3mm, self-smoothing epoxy resin screed was then installed making sure no resin residue was left within the runner. A further application of a flexible epoxy coating was then applied with the chosen decorative flakes broadcast onto this layer. 

Once cured, two applications of a UV stable, chemical and slip resistant seal coat were applied over the flakes to achieve a very durable, decorative non-slip finish.