GSS Flooring Limited recently completed a new polyurethane, self-smoothing resin floor installation for Kurt J Lesker in Hasting, UK. As leaders in the design and the manufacturing of vaccuum tehnology solutions, they required a very robust, yet smooth and slip resistant resin floor finish for their new UK manufacturing facility.

At the start of the project, the old paint finish was removed from the concrete substrate using remote control, rotary diamond bladed floor grinders which also created the correct bonding key to ensure maximum adhesion between the substrate and the epoxy primer applications.

This was then overlaid with a 4mm, self-smoothing, polyurethane resin screed. Once the screed had cured, two applications of a chemical resistant and slip resistant polyurethane seal coat were applied prior to all the expansion joints being cut back through the resins and filled with a flexible, polysulphide joint material. Yellow hatchings and line markings were then applied to denote hazard areas and walkways.

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