After successfully installing a heavy duty resin screed in their agricultural workshops in Canterbury, Haynes Ford contacted GSS Flooring to install the same resin floor system in their extremely busy commercial workshops in Maidstone. With over 1000m²of old, oil-contaminated concrete to treat in a workshop that operated double shifts, both day and night, the only time this could be achieved was to split the area into half and complete the works during a very tight time schedule over Christmas and the New year. 

Each phase was both shot-blasted and mechanically ground to remove as much of the surface contamination as possible. The substrate was then treated with two applications of an oil and moisture tolerant epoxy primer. A 9mm, three-part, polyurethane screed was then installed to the entire area, prior to a very chemical resistant, UV-stable resin seal coat in grey and blue to denote safe walkways. White line markings were applied using a thixotropic epoxy resin either side of the walkways and yellow hatching in front of main entrances. All expansion joints were then re-cut back through the cured resins and filled with a flexible polysulphide resin.