GSS return to Vernacare Healthcare in Worksop for the next phase in the flooring refurbishment program.
In the new storage area, the old vinyl flooring was lifted and the remaining latex and adhesive removed used remote control, diamond bladed floor grinders.
The substrate was then primed and a 4mm, self-smoothing, polyurethane resin screed was applied. This was then sealed with a slip-resistant, resin seal coat in the required colours, prior to the application of yellow line markings to denote pallet drop off points, along with numbered and lettered signage using a thixotropic, epoxy resin.
All expansion joints were then reinstated throughout the area.
This system achieves a very smooth, yet durable and slip resistant finish, suitable for medium to heavy traffic, and is deal for warehouses, manufacturing, factories and other areas required a strong, long-lasting resin finish.