Multiple Layered & Decorative Epoxy Floor Systems

Decorative Resin Systems:

Typical Thickness > 2-6mm

These multiple layered decorative floor systems are available in many different colours, textures and finishes. From a slightly textured, multicoloured resin flake design to resin bonded or resin bound coloured aggregated screed finishes. These products are generally medium to heavy duty due to the various layers of resins, flakes, aggregates. They are sealed with clear UV stable resins to ensure a long-lasting finish. Used in showrooms, receptions, commercial outlets and many other areas where a “Wow Factor” along with increased durability is required. Corporate Logos can be designed, made and incorporated within the resin floor sandwiched between the clear resin sealers.

Case Studies

Sky at the O2

GMPTE Bus Station

Billing Aquadrome

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