Anti-Static Flooring

Antistatic, Conductive and ESD Floor Systems:

Typical Thickness 1-3mm & 6-9mm

Anti-Static Flooring, Conductive Flooring and ESD Resin Flooring systems are available in Resin Flooring Classifications, types 3 to 8 and are applied as coatings, self-smoothing and trowel applied screeds.

Anti static flooring is often used for manufacturers of electronic components, automotive and aerospace industries, ESD systems, anti-static and conductive resins can control spontaneous transfer of electrostatic charge in areas vulnerable to Electro-Static Discharge, to prevent damage to electronic components and sensitive electrical equipment.

Note that the term anti-static is often misunderstood and misused, quite often when we are asked for anti-static flooring what the customer actually wants is Electro-Static Dissipative or Conductive Flooring, commonly referred to as ESD flooring. That being said, whatever your requirements we will ensure your flooring solution exactly meets your needs and specifications.

These types of industrial flooring are generally installed as a three-layer system. An insulative epoxy primer coat, copper grid and earthing points with a carbon filled secondary primer coat, prior to a final carbon filled self-smoothing layer or trowel finished screed. Anti-static resin flooring can prevent an electrostatic discharge and / or spark, in situations where static electricity generation is possible through the movement, contact or separation of equipment, machinery, materials and personnel.

They offer excellent chemical and abrasion resistance with many colours available in most finishes.

GSS have successfully installed such floors for Southampton University, Siemens JP Morgan Chase Bank and in specialised virtual television studios for Eurosport.

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