High-Build Coatings

Light/Medium Duty:

Typical Thickness > 300 microns per coat

Epoxy and Polyurethane High-Build coatings are generally solvent-free, two component floor coatings. A light to medium duty roller applied resin widely used in industrial warehouses, factories and many other industrial and commercial buildings as an economical floor treatment suitable for light forklift use. These products are available in many of the RAL and BS4800 range of colours and offer a tough, durable abrasive resistance floor finish. Various grades of aggregate can be incorporated within the resin to achieve a slip resistant finish.

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RAL 1002

RAL 5017

RAL 9001

RAL 1021

RAL 6017

RAL 9005

RAL 3002

RAL 6029

RAL Colour Chart

RAL 3020

RAL 7001

RAL 5012

RAL 7012

RAL 5015

RAL 7035

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